Air Source

Hydrogen Generator - DGCD-1000

Product Description

Technical Parameter 

Technical Parameter  DGCD-1000
Hydrogen Purity  99.999%
Output Flow 0-1000ml/min
Output Pressure 0-0.4Mpa
Pressure Fluctuation  < 0.001MPa
Power Supply 220V±10%, 110V±10%, 
Power Consumption 400W
Dimension 460*370*360mm
Net Weight 20kg

Features and Advantages
1. Automatic display of pressure and flow, automatic constant pressure and current.  Nitrogen flow can be automatically adjusted according to the dosage.
2. Double stainless steel filter with trace oxygen remover (no activation) and higher purity of nitrogen; Silicone rubber ring (low sulfur content) is used inside the instrument to effectively improve gas quality and ensure the chromatographic   baseline  is stable.
3 Equipped with safety device, sensitive and reliable, automaticly prevent alkali from entering the gas circuit.
4 low humidity of hydrogen production: Membrane separation technology and effective dehumidification device are adopted to reduce the original humidity, and multistage adsorption is adopted

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Application : Lab ,Pharmacy 

Certificate :     CE ISO