Air Source

Nitrogen Generator DSPN500

Product Description

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter DSPN300 DSPN500
Nitrogen Purity  Oxygen <3PPM,Moisture dew point-56℃
Oxygen <3PPM,Moisture dew point-56℃
Output Flow 0-300ml/min 0-500ml/min
Output Pressure 0-0.4Mpa 0-0.4Mpa
Pressure Fluctuation  < 0.003MPa < 0.003MPa
Power Supply 220V±10%, 110V±10%,  220V±10%, 110V±10%, 
Power Consumption 60W 100W
Working Environment  Tempurture 0-45℃ ,relative humidity≤85% Tempurture 0-45℃ ,relative humidity≤85%
Dimension 370*180*330mm 370*180*330mm
Net Weight 11kg 11kg

Features and Advantages
1. Automatic display of pressure and flow, automatic constant pressure and current.  Nitrogen flow can be automatically adjusted according to the dosage.

2. Advanced technology: Membrane separation technology is adopted in  electrolytic cell ,  PCAN carrier and precious metal catalyst are used in catalytic layer , which makes the electrolytic cell of high catalytic efficiency, large gas production and high purity of nitrogen. The electrolytic cell has been tested for aging of over 100 hours with high voltage and large current before delivery , which makes the performance and working state of the cell more stable.

3. Low nitrogen-producing humidity: Ultra-high molecular  permeable membrane separation technology and metal polymer dehumidification device were used to reduce the original humidity.  Two  adsorption systems (there is a trace oxygen remover, no need to activate) are adopted which further reduce the nitrogen dew point and greatly improves the purity.

4. Easy to operate: no need to transport or handle cylinders. Just turn on the power switch to produce nitrogen when using. It can be used continuously or intermittently with stable nitrogen production without attenuation.

5. Safe and reliable: Equipped with safety device, automatic anti-alkali, sensitive and reliable.

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Application : Lab ,Pharmacy 

Certificate :     CE ISO