Air Source

Automatic Air Source DSPB-3S

Product Description

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter  DSPB-3S
Output Flow 0-2000ml/min(at pressure 0.4MPa
Output Pressure 0-0.4MPa
Pressure Fluctuation  < 0.003MPa
Work Noise  < 35dB(A)
Working Environment  Tempurture 0-45 ,relative humidity85% 
Power Consumption 150W
Power Supply 220V±10%  110V±10%
Dimension 400*180*260mm 
Net Weight 15kg

Features and Advantages
1.Double pressure stabilizer ensures the stability of gas flow rate under high precision stable pressure condition
2.Solenoid valve automatic conversion, completely eliminate the continuous noise generated when the solenoid valve automatic water discharge, realize the integration of water discharge and conversion.
 3.Simple operation, automatic water discharge, without manual intervention
4. Small size;  Double stainless steel filter, stainless steel gas storage tank, durable to high pressure, will not be affected by the working environment and corrosive gas which may resulting in deformation of the filter pipe, cracking and leakage , can be used for a life long time ,once and for all.

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Application : Lab ,Pharmacy 

Certificate :     CE ISO