Air Source

Hydrogen Generator DATH 300

Product Description

Technical Parameter 

Technical Parameter   DATH-300 DATH-500
Hydrogen Purity  100.000%
Output Flow 0-300mm 0-500ml 
Output Pressure 0-0.4Mpa 0-0.4Mpa
Pressure Fluctuation  < 0.001MPa < 0.001MPa
Power Supply 220V±10%, 110V±10%,  220V±10%, 110V±10%, 
Power Consumption 160W/ 270W  270W
Dimension  570*185*400mm  570*185*400mm
Net Weight 18kg 18kg

Features and Advantages
1. Adopt SPE technology, electrolyze pure water to produce hydrogen, eliminate lye interference, advanced technology.
2. Internal single-chip computer intelligent control, automatic water replenishing, automatic pressure flow protection.
3. Adopt imported Nafion film and alternating temperature adsorption two-stage dehydration, built-in trace oxygen remover (without activation), no need to change the filter, maintenance cycle can be more than one year, with higher purity.
4. Hydrogen flow is automatically adjusted to reduce power consumption.
5. The built-in serial port can communicate with the upper computer.

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Application : Lab ,Pharmacy 

Certificate :     CE ISO